SC-061 Devdasi set in Pink Stone

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SKU: SC-061

A set of two Devdasi  statues in Pink Stone 

Size: 4 inches tall

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Exquisitely carved Devdasi (female dancer), in pink stone.

Devdasis from ancient Odisha. Also known as Nartaki’s or female dancers. The origination of the Odissi classical dance can be traced back to the devdasis who were the temple dancers in Odisha. They devoted their lives in the service of Lord Jagannath. In ancient times they performed in front of the Lord in the Puri temple to the songs of Geet Govind, by Jaydev. The depiction of devdasis can be seen on the temple sculptures on Konark sun temple and on many other temples of Odisha like Lingaraj, Raja Rani and Mukteswara temples. Some of the caves in Odisha carved in 1st or 2nd century B.C also show these dance forms suggesting that this could be the earliest for of any Indian classical dance. In the temple sculptures of Odisha, the dancers are shown with various dancing poses.

In this intricately carved statue, one of the dancers is seen holding a mirror in front of her and the other making her hair. They are also known as “Alasa Kanya” or the indolent damsel, "Swara sundari" and "Salabhanjika".

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SKU SC-061
Material Stone
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