PCP-007 Krishna on Kandarpa Hasti (48" X 30")

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Hand-painted Pattachitra Painting on Patta (a mix of cloth and canvas) with the theme of Krishna, on the Kandarpa Hasti.

Since it is hand painted using natural colours and brush, there could be some inaccuracies, lack of symmetry and proportion, colour mismatch or irregularities, and other aspects of human limitations.

Size of the painted area in Inches:48” X 30” (Height X Width)

Comes in unframed form

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Pattachitra is one of the distinct form of traditional hand-painting in Odisha ,which have been continuously in existence for almost 800 years. The themes and motifs of Pattachitra center around Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava cult, mainly taken from the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Sometimes the themes are also based on folklores and regional festivals.

In modern times this amazing art of Pattachitra has been kept alive by the traditional Painter-community known as "Chitrakaras” who live in and around Raghurajpur village of Puri district in Odisha.

This pattachitra painting has multiple themes, with Krishna on Kandarpa hasti in the center; Raas Leela with Gopi's, Dashavatara, birth and childhood stories of Krishna surrounding it.

Kandarpa Hasti, the heavenly elephant , is a popular theme in the context of art of Odisha. The other name of Kandarpa Hasti is Navanarikunjara, where nine Gopi’s or maiden women are entangled with each other to form the shape of an Elephant. Kandarpa Hasti is seen in the context of Krishna Raas Leela.Sometimes it can be a stand-alone elephant. But very often Lord Krishna is seen with his flute on top of the elephant.

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Material Colours on Canvas
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