Tribal : Weaves

Dongaria Cotton Sarees and Hand-painted  Saurachitra Silk Sarees

Home to 62 tribes, Odisha represents a significant percentage of India’s simple and fun-loving adivasis, who grace the remote interiors of the country. An enthralling feature of the tribes in Odisha is their folk art, unchanged over the centuries. The colourful imagery on the walls with depictions of flowers, animals, and birds. Geometric designs and carved figures, painted human forms showcasing daily life, basket weaving from bamboo, khadi cloth weaving and intricate metal jewellery; are all reminiscent of a culture steeped in art and creativity.
The captivating beauty of tribal life has blurred all borders and can be seen today in multiple dimensions of urban living, across the world. From the walls of tribal homes, it has moved to uber-chic fabrics and textiles. Come, close your eyes, wrap yourselves in the exquisite and colourful fabrics inspired by the tribals, experience the subtle touch of ethnic delight and you might find yourself at one with the adivasis, moving in tandem to the reverberating drum beats that celebrate life in all its glory.

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