Colorful celebration : Baluchari and Swarnachari

Baluchari and Swarnachari

The first Baluchari I saw and possessed was a gift for Durga Puja, a colourful celebration when traditionally new clothes are worn. It was love at first sight! An ethereal creation of sublime beauty, reflecting a precious tradition of Bengal weavers.


Tales of mythology from another era came alive in myriad hues, crafted with tender care and love by master craftsmen! Wearing it gave my eyes a sparkle that emanated from a pure sense of bliss, as the silk fabric with exquisite thread work adorned and embellished me. It was then I knew that this was a tradition to exhilarate in, fit to be loved and enjoyed across generations.




Many years later, when I gifted my daughter a Swarnachari saree, with gold zari thread work on Bishnupuri  silk, I saw the same sparkle in her eyes and I knew I was right. Some traditions become family heirlooms and pass on for generations, keeping alive not just the beautiful memories of family and people, but also the handiwork of the master artisans that created them.

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  1. Saree is being the traditional attire for India. Thanks for the introduction to the making of Swarnachari baluchari sarees. Your photos are beautiful, and the saree is colorful and vibrant. Looking for more in future!

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