Custodians of our heritage

In the home of a Pattachitra artist in Raghurajpur (Puri), Odisha

Who would think of storytelling through a piece of cloth? Or documenting the holiest of our Vedic scriptures on palm leaves? It is astounding to see that these priceless art forms have been kept alive for hundreds of years by a handful of artisan families in hidden niches across the country. They are not celebrities. Their art work is not auctioned off or sold for millions of dollars. They are nameless, faceless artists from the rural regions of India, who have handed down their skill and knowledge through generations. Their creations are no less valuable than that of celebrity artists with international fame; they have simply never had the platform where they can express themselves internationally. Every time I have met such an artist, I cannot help but admire the tremendous love they possess for their chosen form of art; the immense dedication and determination they embody, and how they strive to preserve the ancient heritage of our country. In my eyes, they are some of the most eminent historians and custodians of our culture and heritage and we owe a lot to them.


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  1. Very well written ūüôā
    I wholeheartedly agree with the last line! These unsung works of art truly celebrate Indian history and heritage.

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