Five Must-Buy crafts from Arteastic online handicraft shop

Each craft has a story to tell. Each craft is a chronicle of our culture and heritage. Keep our heritage alive! Bring home the traditions of the East!

Our pick for you – five must-buy crafts for your home and personal collection.

Palm-leaf Painting

Palm-leaf painting is probably the oldest form of writing in India. Most of our ancient manuscripts are etched on Palm-leaf. Owning a Palm-leaf painting will be equivalent to owning a piece of three-thousand-year-old history.

Pattachitra Painting

Pattachitra, a traditional painting style unique to Odisha, traces its roots to the 12th century AD.  It is storytelling on a canvas as it captures mythological stories, folklores and epics on a handmade canvas called Patta, with brush and organic colors.

Dokra Craft

A 4000-year-old craft, traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, is still preserved by the Tribal belt (mainly eastern belt – Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal) of India.

Saurachitra Scarves

Reference to Sauras, one of the ancient tribes of India, can be found in the epic of Ramayana, in the story of Lord Rama and Sabari, the Saura devotee. The Saura tribe of Odisha always had a rich tradition of art that was influenced by their daily lives, spiritual beliefs and environment.
Arteastic is trying to bring the Saura art to the mainstream fashion and popularise it among the youth. Saura scarves can be worn with Indian as well as western outfits.

Hand-painted Sarees

Hand-painted  Madhubani, Pattachitra, Saurachitra silk sarees. Each saree is a piece of art ,  done by women artisans.

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