Going away gifts – a little piece of India

This is that time of the year. In many homes, young ones are getting ready for the next step in their lives. Further studies beckon, and this often means a leaving…moving away from familiar environs into the unfamiliar and exciting, moving into a life of greater independence and higher responsibilities. Coupled with dreams and desires, this time is a true passage into adulthood. While the initial few months pass by in the flush of excitement and in getting used to a new way of life, it is also replete with moments of remembrance and sadness; of missing the familiar; of the family and friends left behind; of food that tasted so good; of the warm wrap of familiarity.

As parents, we start missing earlier since we are in the familiar environment all through. The empty room stares back; the indentation on the mattress that is permanent but unslept in reminds us of the myriad emotions that have played out there. Exhilaration of achievements and heartbreak of disappointments; late night studying or the muffled laughter of phone conversations; of tenderness and admonitions; of discipline and a hand of support.

So, when they part, give them a little something to always anchor them in the warmth of familiarity. Something that is of the home they have left behind, a mix of tradition and love, of beauty and authenticity, of craft and care, of love and longing. A little bit of your heart and hearth, to remind of the steadfastness of belonging; where even when the eyes are moist, the heart beats with warmth.


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