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Odisha Ikat

Odisha Ikat Silk and Cotton (Khandua, Bomkai, Pasapalli, Kotpad) - A tribute to handloom weaving

Ikat derives its name from the Malay-Indonesian expression “Mangikat” which means to bind, knot or wind around. In essence, Ikat is a form of resist-dyeing where the resist is formed by binding individual yarns or bundles of yarns with a tight wrapping applied in the desired pattern. In India, weaving of Ikat fabrics are found in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Each has its own distinct regional identity. In Odisha, Nuapatna/Maniabandha, Bargarh and Sonepur have emerged as the Ikat textile hub with thousands of weavers’ families skilled in this world-class craft.


We, at Arteastic, greatly value the craftsmanship of the master weavers and bring you personally curated Ikats from Odisha, each one a masterpiece of colour, texture and weave, that is bound to leave you spellbound. More importantly, it will help in preserving and enhancing this difficult but intricate art form. Check out our bouquet of Khandua, Pasapalli, Sachipar, Kotpad and Bomkai Ikats, beauteous creations that are certain to enhance any wardrobe due to the sheer magic of handcrafted motifs woven with great care.

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