Meditation Bowls and Rudraksh

Buddhist Meditation Bowls from Bhutan

Meditation Bowls , also known as prayer bowls or singing bowls. Found in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and India. These are Buddhist meditational tools. It has a metal bowl and a wooden stick. The bowl normally has Buddhist Mantras written around its body. Pictures of Buddha or Buddhist symbols are found inside the bowl. It is called a singing bowl since it creates a very calm , soothing and lingering sound when struck by the wooden stick. The vibration in the air is ideal for meditation; creates positive energy and is a great stress reliever. Singing bowls are used widely by yoga practitioners, healing therapists, meditation practitioners and so on.

Rudraksh beads encased in silver are used to make Mala or Bracelets. These are worn for overall well being and for creating positive energy around us.

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