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Stone Sculpture

A tale of spirituality, art and beauty - The Stone Carving from Odisha

The art of stone carving is probably most eye-catching in the rock-cut sculptures of various temples of Odisha. The art of stone carving is an ancient practice dating back to the 13th century when Odisha was ruled by different dynasties, and that diversity of culture is reflected in the craft. Intricate sculpting and exquisite carvings were done on sandstone, soapstone, serpentinite, markana, marble and granite.


The artisans skilled in this craft are known as ‘Maharanas’. Stones of different colour, strength and textures are available for sculpting. The white soap stones (khadi pathara) are softer. The stones with pinkish or reddish tinge are called  ‘kochila pathara’ or Khondalite. The slightly grey or greenish stone are called ‘Sahana Pathara’ or Chlorite. Khondalite and Chlorite are slightly harder.  All these stones are loosely referred to as Pink Stone by the artisans and are mainly used for indoor purpose.

The brown sand stones are mainly used for bigger statues for outdoor purpose. They are cheaper in price. The black granite (Muguni Pathara) is the hardest of all.


Here is your opportunity to discover this unlimited range of antiquity carved in stone. Check below and feast your eyes on the classic rock-cut sculptures and figurines waiting to be caressed by you.

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