Dokra Antique Peacock oil lamp Diya DS-00-984

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Hand made dhokra oil lamp or diya with peacock design giving it a beautiful antique look.

Size: 6 inches in height, 700 grams

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The Dokra craft is also known as 'Lost and Found' craft. This is a craft preserved by the various nomadic tribes in the tribal heartland of eastern India i.e. Odisha, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. Owning a Dokra statue is similar to owning a precious piece of India’s 4000 year old heritage. The real value of Dokra lies in its millennial old technique and in its simple, rustic and tribal appearance.

This particular piece has been sourced from Odisha. There are several self-help groups working in the Dokra craft in various tribal villages of Odisha.








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Height 6 inches

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