Hand-painted Madhubani Silk Saree with fish, flora and fauna MS-01-003

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Authentic hand-painted Madhubani Silk Saree on bright white Mulberry silk base with the very popular theme of fish, flora and fauna. The painting is done using very vibrant natural colours, giving it a very lively look.

This Saree has been created by the women artists from Madhubani district of Bihar. Comes with blouse piece with same combination. Total length 6.3 meters.

Since the saree is hand painted using colours and brush, there could be some inaccuracies, lack of symmetry and proportion, colour mismatch or irregularities, and other aspects of human limitations.

Care: Dry Clean only. Press on the reverse using steam press (do not press on the paintings)

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The Madhubani or Mithila style of painting can be traced to the rustic villages of Madhubani district of Bihar, literally meaning ‘a forest of honey’, where women spent a lot of time making these paintings on the walls of their homes. As per the legend, the women of Mithila had created the paintings to celebrate the union of Rama with Sita. Since then, the wedding of Ram and Sita, Gods and Goddesses, flora and fauna dominate the themes of Madhubani Paintings. Sometimes the daily lives of men and women also find their place in the paintings.

The Madhubani art form has been greatly dominated by the womenfolk of this region.

Wearing this saree is equivalent to wearing a piece of art on you. An extremely ethnic yet contemporary piece with vibrant color combination suitable for smart women of all age.




Mulberry Silk




6.3 Meter, comes with blouse piece

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